The Consortium for Youth, Generations and Culture is a national, collaborative initiative of universities and scholars leading cutting edge, interdisciplinary research on contemporary issues in youth studies. It brings together a network of critical youth studies scholars to promote and connect innovative youth research and inform policy and public debate. It promotes youth research across Australasia and beyond.

What do we do?

  • We connect youth studies scholars, research projects and networks across disciplines, nationally and internationally;
  • We profile Australian leadership and research capacity in youth studies;
  • We build research links and collaborative opportunities with scholars in the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

Research Agenda

The Consortium aims to deliver comprehensive, multi-disciplinary research into contemporary challenges for young people in Australia, the Asia Pacific region and the world. We also seek to build capacity in youth research, and facilitate youth policy development through access to the latest research findings. The Consortium is made up of high profile, internationally renowned youth studies scholars, leading mid-career researchers and a cohort of emerging early career researchers whose development is fostered through the activities of the Consortium’s four programs:

  1. Education, Employment and Transitions
  2. Health and Wellbeing
  3. New Media and Youth Cultures
  4. Globalisation, Citizenship and Social Inclusion