Senior Lecturer in Youth Sociology
University of Newcastle


Research Expertise:

  • Work, Labour and Employment
  • Post-Fordism and Immaterial Labour
  • Identity
  • Rural/regional youth
  • Space and place
  • Youth Homelessness

Key publications:

  • Farrugia, D. (2018). Spaces of Youth: Work, Citizenship and Culture in a Global Context. Abington; New York, Routledge.
  • Farrugia, D. (2018). “Youthfulness and Immaterial Labour in the New Economy.” The Sociological Review 21(3): 272-287.
  • Farrugia, D. (2019). “The formation of young workers: The cultivation of the self as a subject of value to the contemporary labour force.” Current Sociology 67(1): 47-63.
  • Farrugia, D., et al. (2018). “Young Subjectivities and Affective Labour in the Service Economy.” Journal of Youth Studies 21(3): 272-287.