Senior Lecturer in Sociology
University of Newcastle



Research expertise:

  • The body
  • Health
  • Gender

Key publications:

  • Coffey, J. (2016) Body Work: Gender, Health and Embodiment, London & New York: Routledge.
  • Coffey, J, (2019) ‘Creating Distance from Body Issues: Exploring New Materialist Feminist Possibilities for Renegotiating Gendered Embodiment’, Leisure Sciences. Online early
  • Coffey, J., Cahill, H. and Budgeon, S. (eds.) (2016) Learning Bodies: The Body in Youth and Childhood Studies, Singapore: Springer.
  • Coffey J, Farrugia DM, Adkins L, Threadgold SR, (2018) ‘Gender, Sexuality, and Risk in the Practice of Affective Labour for Young Women in Bar Work’, Sociological Research Online, 23(4), 728-43.
  • Coffey, J. (2013) ‘Bodies, body work and gender: exploring a Deleuzian approach’, Journal of Gender Studies, 22(1), 3-16.