Senior Lecturer in Sociology
University of Melbourne



Research expertise:

  • Marginalisation
  • Risk
  • Gender
  • Everyday life and temporality

Key publications:

  • Ravn, S. (forthcoming): Imagining futures, imagining selves: a narrative approach to ‘risk’ in young men’s lives. Current Sociology, accepted.
  • Bengtsson, T.B. & Ravn, S. (2019): Youth, Risk, Routine. A new perspective on risk-taking in young lives. London: Routledge
  • Ravn, S. (2018): “’I would never start a fight but…’. Young masculinities, perceptions of violence and symbolic boundary work in focus groups. Men & Masculinities, vol. 21(2), pp. 291-309.
  • Järvinen, M. & Ravn, S. (2018): “Playing the game or played by the game? Young drug users’ educational trajectories”. British Journal of Sociology of Education, vol. 39(5), pp. 1-14.
  • Ravn, S. & Duff, C. (2015): “Putting the party down on paper: A novel method for mapping youth drug use in private settings”. Health & Place, vol. 31, pp. 124-132.